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    Oyanca, was formed in March 2001. Their mission is to combine the best of traditional Nicaraguan culture with contemporary design. They work with the women of El Cerro, a tiny community near the town of Cinco Pinos, Nicaragua. They have turned these pine trees' dropped needles into a creative craft. Under the leadership of Yeiba Guevara, 30 women gather and clean the dropped pine needles, then weave them together with threads and ribbons to create baskets, boxes, and even magazine holders, hats, and purses!

    Oyanca's products are created one-at-a-time by artisans using ancient skills and natural materials. The weaving process is simple, but the execution and skill involved truly make each piece a work of artistry. Their success is due to the quality of their products, in addition to the fact that they are environment friendly. But overall because they have a wide range of products, created by themselves or designed by international artists, designs that combine pine needle with other materials like ceramic, leather or wrought iron.

    Through selling their pine needle crafts, the women are able to bolster their families' incomes and send their children to school. The artisans constantly develop new designs to appeal to international audiences, ensuring that El Cerro's coastal pines will continue to provide more than just shade to the people who live there.