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    Arum Dalu Mekar

    Arum Dalu Mekar is a fair trade organization based in Bali that has been supporting low-income artisans in Indonesia for over 25 years. Arum Dalu Mekar has four employees performing quality control, packing and communicating with the artisan groups. They work with 40 different producer groups.

    Arum Dalu mMekar is able to cover a large spectrum of Indonesian handicrafts such as: ladies accessories, silver jewelry, ikat weaving, batik, fashion, interior decoration products, recycled products and paper, and natural fiber products.

    Arum Dalu Mekar aims to help women develop a market for their beautiful handicrafts in order to help them create sustainable incomes and keep traditional crafts and skills alive. They use  old methods and techniques to keep the old traditions alive, as well as develop flexibility in the workshops, amongst their producers and their craftspeople concerning what they will be able to make. This increases their chances to stay in this competitive business.