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    Artisan Business Network

    Artisans Business Network is a network of three depots located in Jacmel, Port au Prince and Croix-des-Bouquets in Haiti. It offers a wide range of artisanal products from the independent ateliers of Haiti and supports the delivery of handmade products to customers around the world. Artisan Business Network empowers Haitians with entrepreneurial tools, design input and market access.

    Artisan Business Network producers create products from materials like papier mache, bone, horn, metal, beads and stone. The products range from home décor to holiday and jewelry. The depots are fully owned and operated by Haitian entrepreneurs. In addition to its co-founders, the network draws upon the talents of product and logistics advisors dedicated to the success of Haiti’s artisans.

    The Network helps make essential improvements in earnings and community wellbeing for their producers through commerce based in Haiti’s profound artisanal culture. Talented Haitians are ready and eager to recapture the losses brought about by the trade embargo of the 1990’s, subsequent internal political deadlock, and the devastation of the January 2010 earthquake.

    Atizana Kominote Matènwa

    Atizana Kominote Matènwa's mission is to maintain a sustainable artisan community, in the remote village of Matènwa, Haiti, that serves international and local markets. Atizana Kominote Matènwa is a collaboration between Matènwa's artisans, Matènwa community Learning Center, Global Girlfriend and

    Haiti Projects

    Founded in 1994 by Sarah Hackett, the cooperative currently employs nearly 100 women who earn fair wages creating beautiful items like our cocktail napkins. 100% of the proceeds from their work goes directly back to the artisans, providing them with life-saving income and a brighter future. Haiti Projects is located in the town of Fond des Blancs, a southern peninsula in rural Haiti.

    Haiti Projects Women's Cooperative is an organization that helps local women use their embroidery skills to improve their lives.  These talented women produce heirloom-quality, handmade apparel and house and home items.

    Haiti Projects has also embarked on several important initiatives including a women’s health clinic, a community library and regional learning center with public access to technology, an all girls soccer team and a beekeeping program. Before working, only 17% women could afford to send their children to school. Now 100% of their employees can and do send their children to school. Haiti Projects worker earn, on average, 262% more than the national minimum wage.

    Haitian Creations

    Haitian Creations is about building empowering relationships with the women in their programs. Women who have completed the sewing and beading program have the option of staying on after training to make jewelry for export. Haitian Creations is a program of Heartline Ministries, an organization serving in Haiti for over 20 years.


    Haiti has been rebuilding from the ground up since the 2010 earthquake 2010 which killed over 200,000 people and displaced 1.5 million. In the face of few job prospects, a resourceful group created Papillon Enterprises, a socially and ecologically conscious business with a mission of stimulating the Haitian economy by exporting and marketing Haitian artisan goods. They've been making this dream possible by putting Haitian artisans to work using their creativity along with recycled materials to craft jewelry from paper, clay, and glass beads, and home decor from discarded oil drums.

    Their clay is dug by hand from natural deposits in Haiti’s central plateau. The raw clay is broken into a fine powder and impurities are sifted out.  The powdered clay is mixed with water and then dried on plater to remove excess moisture. Skilled artisans roll clay beads in a variety of sizes and shapes for jewelry. Talented potters use the same clay to create mugs, bowls, and other pieces on a potter’s wheel. Each piece is hand-painted with glaze in a variety of colors & patterns. The finished pieces are fired in kilns which transforms the raw clay to permanent ceramic, and the raw glazes to brightly-colored glass. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

    In a work environment that is family-friendly, Papillon emphasizes keeping the whole person's unique needs in mind. They offer competitive wages (three times the minimum wage), medical benefits, language and literacy lessons, and professional development, as well as the ability for nursing mothers to bring their babies with them. Through a partnership with Apparent Project, they also offer their workers onsite daycare. Papillon's symbol of the butterfly is fitting, for they create something new out of something transformed to beauty and, in turn, their lives become "something that we never thought possible."