Dear Global Girlfriends. Please take a moment to review our health and safety measures to Covid-19.
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    Dear Global Girlfriends,


    We hope this email finds you and your loved ones healthy and maybe even happy. 

    As a team we remain healthy and for some of us introverts the time away from the office has been a welcome respite from the strain of fitting into an extrovert’s world.  Of course the circumstances are tragic but we are a team of optimists who are always looking for the silver lining and this moment is providing a time to reconnect with ourselves, our family, and our friends in a new way.  The mostly blue skies and fresh blossoms are welcome reminder of the beauty of life.

    We are also pleased to let you know that most of our artisan partners are also healthy at this moment.  Many are facing curfews and/or restricted movement depending on where they live but for the moment at least people’s health is good.  More than anything what the artisan community needs right now is work.  We are doing our best to continue to provide orders for new and favorite goods and we encourage you to continue to buy artisan made.  Your purchase makes a huge difference in the lives of the artisan and their families.  Artisan labor is the second largest economy in the developing world and is predominately woman-led and woman-powered. 

    Simply put, supporting global artisans is supporting global women.

    That said, for the continued safety of our US-based teams we are moving to a once-weekly shipment schedule to protect the safety of our warehouse staff.  If you require a rush shipment or have any additional customer service needs, please reach out via email to or call us at 206-826-5206.

    AND, to end on a positive please, please check back frequently because we are adding NEW NEW NEW products to our site that we hope you will love as much as we do!

    Yours in health,

    -Your Global Girlfriend Team