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    Peace Handicrafts

    Peace Handicrafts is a social-support business established in 2002 to provide training and employment opportunities to landmine victims, disabled persons and the deaf in Cambodia. Peace Handicrafts adheres to the philosophies of social responsibility and a clean green environment. Since 2002 it has been producing high quality products made from local hand-woven silks and recycled materials, and has become a leading exporter of these products to overseas markets.

    Training priority is given to the disabled, the deaf and the underprivileged to gain the necessary skills to meet stringent quality requirements for export markets. An intensive training program has been developed to enable trainees to acquire the necessary skills to earn employment.

    Through the work done at Peace Handicrafts, the artisans can support their families and provide them with an education that otherwise they would have never had. The artisans now believe that they have become worthy members of society and some of them aspire to open their own businesses.


    Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Tonlé has created a positive impact in the country socially, environmentally and economically, making itself a unique force in the sustainable fashion industry. The group of 31 employees is made up of individuals with spirit, drive and dreams.

    The journey of a Tonlé product begins in an unlikely place: a heaping pile of factory scrap material from mass clothing manufacturers. Their design team frequents the remnant material markets to scavenge through piles of factory castoffs before they end up in landfills. Creativity is key, as size, color, texture, and material continually vary. The excess fabric strips are tediously hand cut and individually sewn back into yarn. The yarn is then knit and woven into new pieces. Tonlé designers work side by side with the production team to plan collections that incorporate even the tiniest scraps into original looks. Tonle produces tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories.

    Tonlé’s impact is significant: they have saved 10,000 kg of materials from landfill; saved 70,000 kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere; saved 200 Kg of pesticides and saved 46,266,600 gallons of water. It also creates needed jobs for many Cambodians who need the work.