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    Motif was founded in 1998 by Jackie, Jharna and two other local investors in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since then they have grown to two directors, six full time staff members, and 20 – 100 artisans at any given time, touching the lives of many more family and community members.

    Motif works with many different artisans, creating all sorts of products. Glass from broken and discarded bottles and bangles are fired into beautiful and colorful recycled glass beads, then strung compactly together to form veritable works of art.

    At Motif the women find a safe place where they can earn a living, as well as share with the other women in a familial atmosphere. Through their work, the women are able to provide education to their children and lead a less stressful life. In some cases, the women have become the major source of financial support for their families.


    Prokritee is a fair trade organization in Bangladesh which supports over 1,500 artisans in rural areas. Prokritee, which means "nature" in Bangla, is an agency that is dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women who have little or no other opportunities. Most of the women employed by Prokritee are the heads of their households because they have been widowed, divorced, or separated, they have little or no income, are landless with few or no assets, and are primarily rural.

    Prokritee artisans feel proud to be able to produce handmade paper from water-hyacinths which causes waterways to be blocked and mosquitoes to  multiply. With their handmade paper they make Christmas decoration and gift items. Most of materials that Prokritee artisans use are indigenous, recycled, bio-degradable and natural. Artisans use only natural and AZO free dyes when they produce colorful items.

    Prokritee is a service-based agency that provides artisan organizations with management, product design and development, and marketing assistance. By providing jobs and skills for the women they are able to improve the women's standard of living and help them send their children to school. The women are paid a fair wage, offered training on quality awareness, health, savings, and gender equality, and are provided with a medical allowance and assistance, maternity leave, incomes bonuses, and loan options.