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    Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS)

    Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS), a fair-trade organization, was established in 1983 by a former State Council Member. KTS was originally intended to assist the local Pode community of street-sweepers, an "untouchables" caste with few opportunities. At the heart of KTS are their producers, who create beautiful knitwear, carpets and furniture which capture the essence of Nepal’s artisan heritage in contemporary designs. KTS has over 240 producers, benefiting over 2,500 family and local community members.

    It has grown into an educational and vocational training center for low-income families throughout Nepal who develop skills in carpet-weaving, knitting, jewelry-making, or carpentry.

    KTS artisans receive a wide-ranging package of benefits, including a steady income, health care and insurance and low-interest loans. KTS also provides free primary education to all producers’ children who live locally and sponsors higher secondary schooling for families unable to afford further education for their children. In addition to the schools, it also provides childcare for workers, adult literacy classes, a nutrition and health clinic, and an orphanage.