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    Jorova Crafts

    Jorova Crafts was founded by three women living in the slums of Nairobi: Josephine, Rosemary and Eva - hence the name JOROVA. Jorova has grown to employ several women in the Nairobi slums and has become a primary support for the women and their families. Today Jorova provides employment for several single mothers and widows.

    The aim of forming the group was to social-economically empower the local women/housewives who depended on the husbands for everything. They explored ways of how they could achieve this and came up with different ideas. Initially, they cleaned offices to raise funds for their business. They bought a sewing machine and started embroidery work with it – making table clothes, sofa set covers, cushion covers etc. Some Jorova products use Kanga, the traditional Swahili fabric that Kenyan women use and wear for so many things. Josephine says she's also pleased Jorova Crafts is developing unique designs. "To me, the sky is the limit!"

    Today Jorova is no longer a housewives’ organization; single mothers, widows and youths have also joined. Currently Jorova Crafts is made up of groups both in the slums and the peri-urban rural areas. The women now craft with beads, fabric, and are talented metalsmiths.