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    Assisi Garments

    Assisi Garments is a women's non-profit in India run by an order of Franciscan nuns. Assisi Garments now offers approximately 300 underprivileged women and nearly 120 physically challenged people in southern India jobs with fair trade wages, health care, and other benefits.

    Assisi's garments are made from 100% organic cotton, which is farmed locally by a group of 300 organic cotton farmers in Maharashtar, India.  Each garment is lovingly produced from seed to sewing machine. With a deep concern for the environment and people's health, they use only organic cotton grown and picked by hundreds of certified fair trade organic farmers in India for their clothing.

    Profits are used to care for abandoned leprosy survivors, treat cancer patients in its hospital that accommodates up to 600 patients, run a boarding school for almost 50 blind children, and another boarding school for 200 deaf children, plus build a clinic for HIV/AIDs care.