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    What's Happening Girlfriend?

    20 Women for 2020: Katherine Johnson

    "Girls are capable of doing everything men are capable of doing. Sometimes they have more imagination than men."- Katherine Johnson

    Global Girlfriend would like to extend our biggest shout out to all the hardworking females in science for International Day of Women and Girls in science. We'd like to present Katherine Johnson as our featured woman for 20 Women for 2020! 

    Katherine Johnson paved the road not only women but women of color in science specifically in astrophysics, a new focus of science at the time of her most prominent roles. She contributed calculating trajectories for the first American Orbit, and continuing at NASA, she has also helped in mathematics for the Space Shuttle Program and mars exploration.



    20 Women for 2020: Rosa Parks


    "Each person must live their lives as a model for others."

    - Rosa Parks


                 Global Girlfriend is celebrating 2020 by featuring 20 women that have paved the road for women empowerment. In honor of Civil Rights Day, our first tip of the hat goes to Rosa Parks!


                Rosa Parks showed us that defiance, persistence, and dedication can lead to great results. She was a civil activist, best known for her lead on the Montgomery Bus Boycott, arrested for denying moving to the “colored section” in a packed bus on December 1st, 1955. Her arrest had motivated others to boycott the Montgomery Bus, which in turn had led to Browder vs Gayle. The Supreme Court’s decision ruled that bus segregation in Alabama was unconstitutional.


                 It is undeniable that the courage and heart of Rosa Parks helped elevate civil rights. Her words to live as a model to others reminds us to hold our values close and to share them by lead. She showed that not only as a woman but as a woman of color, her words and her perseverance are just as strong if not stronger than anyone else. Her actions are still powerful to this day and continue to motivate us to stand up for what we believe in.


    Global Girlfriend gives praise to Rosa Parks and is honored to feature her as our first woman for 20 women for 2020!

    Reduce Travel Stress, Starting With Your Suitcase!

    Travel has become a quintessential expectation of modern living. Whether for pleasure or for work, we strive for effortless travel in a situation that naturally calls for major stress. But let’s face it, it’s totally easier said than done and anyone that makes it look easy should win the A for effort award. We’ve deliberated and came up with simple yet effective traveling tips that starts with just your suitcase!


    1. Plan Your Outfits- We’ve all been guilty for over packing. Taking half your wardrobe with you while traveling and only using a quarter of what you packed isn’t unheard of. We’ve also seen under packing at its finest, remembering anything but socks is not fun! To avoid overabundance and absent garments, planning outfits for each day of travel is key.

    1. Choose Easy to Wear Garments- Depending on where you’re traveling, weather should determine your daily wear but essentially, you’ll always need some form of top and bottom. Basic Tees and basic tank tops are always easy to match and lightweight to pack. Having one loose sweater to throw on in case it gets chilly or just want the extra layers is easy to pack and wear. If your travel time is brief, you can also get away with wearing your sweater for multiple uses. Choosing jeans is also easy to wear and like your handy sweater, can be used more than once if travel time is short.

    If you want to go the extra step and reduce the number of garments in general, dresses save space and kills two birds with one stone! Don’t forget “X” amount of under garments too. Last but certainly not least, it’s always safe to travel with a light (or heavy) jacket depending on weather condition.


    1. Organize Accordingly- Now that you’ve planned your daily outfit, organizing and packing can be a game changer. Packing your daily outfit in a duster bag or draw cord bag helps organize and creates a seamless method of unpacking. When you are finished for the day too, simply toss your garments in the daily bag and forget about it until your trip is complete!


    1. Limit Your Shoes- Comfort when traveling is essential, especially if you are traveling to areas with heavy foot traffic, it is best to treat your feet and pack shoes that you can walk miles in. A good sturdy pair of sneakers are your best friend when traveling. If you are traveling and need to pack special occasion footwear, choose a pair that is versatile and can match a variety of special occasions (if applicable of course). Black shoes are always safe to choose because almost always match with anything and everything.

    What if you’re lounging around and need easy footwear to slide in and out of? Slides or flip flops are your friend! They are flat and won’t take too much space in the case and are the most minimal footwear. A good rule of thumb is to only travel with three pairs of shoes maximum to save space and limit your options.


    1. Travel Size is Here to Help- Travel size toiletries are not only convenient but completely practical when packing. Whether you are strictly a hand carry traveler or must check-in luggage traveler, you can do no wrong by using travel size toiletries.


    Organization can make or break stress and starting with something as simple as coordinating your suitcase can save you the extra anxiety! Plan accordingly and enjoy your travels; 2020 is the year for wanderlust!

    Because We "Wheelie" Want You to Recycle! (5 Easy Steps to Practice Recycling)

    In honor of America Recycles Day (November 15th), why not start and adopt simple recycling techniques in your life? Recycling is the easiest way to directly reduce waste with everyday items that come across your life. Plus, it helps save the planet! 
    1.    Go the Extra Step with Packaging!- With the demands of e-commerce, we’re not shy of having mass amounts of packaging at our doorstep. So what do you do with it? Take action and break down each component of a package; cardboard box, invoices, and packaging material (hopefully the supplier uses paper instead of those finicky packing peanuts or plastic bubble!) and put it in the recycle. Remember to break down the boxes too!
    2.    Just Say No to Food Delivery Utensils- We all know how easy it is to fall into the habit of food delivery services after a long day of work! And we also know we somehow end up with a generous amount of utensils, napkins, chili flakes, ketchup packages, etc. than anyone needs. It’s simple, just say no thank you to the extras when you receive your food! If you’re eating at home, save a utensils life and use your own silverware. If you don’t use chili flakes, kindly say no thank you and have them saved for the next person who loves to drown their pizza in spicy goodness.
    3.    Skip the Coffee Cups- You get to work, after a crazy commute and what do you want? Coffee! Having a to go coffee cup handy at work saves you the trouble of throwing away a coffee cup every single time you drink coffee. Get coffee from your trendy café near work? Remember, your friendly barista is more than happy to use your personal coffee carrier to reduce waste!
    4.    Shopper Totes are Totes Your BFF- We are built into a society where consumption is only natural The Global Girlfriend Team lives in an area where paper> plastic in everyday retail stores, but we know too that isn’t the case for most places in the world. A sales bag goes a long way, but why waste and keep your handy reusable shopper tote with you at all times. Practice keeping them in your car, handbag, and your home’s entry way when you’re on the go-go.
    Plus check out these "totes" fantastic upcycled shoppers in our store!
    5.    Moving Out and Want to Marie Kondo Your Life’s Inventory?- Moving from place to place is always stressful, and towards the end we know how it feels to want to give up and throw all the bits and pieces away, but someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure! Plan out a couple of days ahead of moving of things that aren’t necessary and make a trip to Goodwill!
    There’s no good time than right now to start these simple tasks of reducing! No task is too small if it helps mother nature.