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    What's Happening Girlfriend?

    Inspiration All Around: Our Artisan Partners at Sasa Designs

    Covid-19 has inadvertently affected the day to day life of everyone around the globe. Most governments have reacted with local ordinances which have impacted people and businesses. The Global Girlfriend team would like to spotlight our artisan partners at Sasa Designs for the month of June who have shared their inspirational stories how their schedules have adapted in order to their local government.

    On the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, the Sasa Designs workshop employs 18 deaf and mute women full time. The artisans of Sasa Designs by the Deaf have started a new chapter in their lives, working each day to build a better life: for themselves, for their children, and for our global community as a whole. Sasa Designs envisions a world in which individuals can benefit from participation in the global market regardless of their gender, geographic location or physical characteristics. 

    The team at Global Girlfriend continues to be inspired by artisans in the Global Girlfriend community and gives special recognition to Sasa Designs very own Linda, business manager,  who has lifted spirits with her story.

    On March the 16th, we were all excited because we had made a booking to attend one of the best markets in the city. We were sure we would be able to make sales of our products and in turn continue supporting the artisans. On the same day, the breaking news was announced that one person was tested positive for the corona virus. To make matters worse, she was from our neighborhood and had made several trips around the country.


    Immediately, the whole nation was at a standstill. Every market we could have ever dreamed of was cancelled and our hopes and dreams began to dwindle.


    We had to make a drastic choice of working from home yet our work entailed human interaction. There was no more movement. The ladies had to work from home. We had to adapt to a new lifestyle.


    A few weeks later, here we are, we have to wear masks whenever we go out. We still have to work from home. We thank God that we still have jobs because many people lost their jobs, Many businesses shut down. We cannot thank you Jessica and the whole team enough for the orders that have come through. Every single cent we make will help support a Deaf artisan and help run the workshop. All hope is not lost for us. We see a brighter future even after COVID 19.


    Keep updated with our artisan focused series throughout the month of June! 

    Get Your Vitamin D While You Stay at Home!

    As we slowly start to shift into our schedules pre-quarantine, it may seem like we’ve completely overstepped Spring! Haven’t had time to notice the sun has been peaking out little by little?  While every day is that much closer to summer,  which means the sun will be shining in full force. Time to get outside and get Vitamin D! Whether you’ve had a hard time motivating yourself to get outside during quarantine (we’ve all been there), we have tips and tricks to successfully get your intake of vitamin D!


    Vitamin D helps the body out in many ways, most importantly prevents osteoporosis- the process of bone deterioration. It also helps manage blood sugar levels, regulates hormone regulation, boosts the immune system, protects against cancer, helps with concentration learning and memory, and improves heart health. Definitely all reasons why Vitamin D needs to be in your life!


    Sun- Vitamin D is often overlooked between the months of November- March, for those living above the 37th parallel (the 37 degree latitude). Luckily since we are past Winter and well on our way into Summer, the sun is out and we are able to soak in as much sun as we can! Sun is definitely the best means of vitamin D intake and unlike the sources below, promote skin synthesis. Remember always use SPF, SPF 15 for day to day activities and SPF 50 for outdoor activities!


    Fish- Warmer days call for putting the grill to use! Get your grill out and get to cooking fish such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna. Fish is a great source of vitamin D, plus it’s tasty too!Not into grilling? No worries, sardines, caviar, and cod liver oil are also sources of vitamin D.


    Eggs- A staple item to any kitchen, eggs are an excellent source of vitamin D. They also  are loaded with of other Vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and vitamin B6. Not too shabby for something so simple and delicious. If you want to load more Vitamin D into your eggs, try making an omelet with mushrooms and Swiss cheese such as gruyere.


    Try one or all! Step outside, grill some fish, and have an omelet while you’re at it. Soak up all the vitamin D you can this summer!

    Brighten Up Your Life- the Benefits to Color!

    Feeling a little blue lately? We are there with you! Having to stay at home lately has definitely taken a toll on our mental state. Ever think about something as little as colors you constantly see around your house affecting your mood? We have the recommendations to what colors you should bring into your life, so say “yellow” to colors and brighten up!



    Red- The liveliness of Red brings up the social aspect within you. Quarantine has gotten everyone socially distancing- try bringing in red into your home with a painting or new blanket! Snuggle up on the couch and video chat with your loved ones.



    Orange- Naturally stimulating excitement and thrill, orange does the opposite of relaxation. If you feel that staying at home has gotten you a little too relaxed and want to liven up your space, bring some orange into your life. Orange accents like table mats, napkins, or throw pillows will liven up your space.



    Yellow- Transmitting sunlight, yellow capture rays and disperses light throughout a room. While light itself makes you feel more alert and awake, yellow gives you energy and cheers up your spirits. Try work from home wear and treat yourself to a yellow scarf! Our yellow tie dye strip scarf is make out of silk, which is wonderful for summertime accessorizing where you want the extra pop of color without overheating.

    Tie Dye Stripe Silk Scarf


    Green- Calming and soothing, green helps relax your state of being. Naturally easing your eyes from strain, green also cleanses your mind with any stress. Bring green and nature into your house with some house plants. Monstera plants are beautiful to home, or if you have the opposite of a green thumb, try succulents!


    Blue- Honing into balancing your wellbeing, blue signifies tranquility and creates reassurance. Much like the beautiful sky above us reminds us that air is a precious gift, Blue helps relax your breathing causing your body to naturally relax. Bring in blue to your life with relaxing floor rugs with accents of blue.


    Purple- Often powerful with emotions, Purple brings a sense of luxury to any occasion. Deep purple signifies passion and brings out creativity. If you feel that staying at home has made you a little lackluster, get inspired and throw some purple into your wardrobe!

    Taj Tassel Glass Bead Bracelet


    Whether you need some excitement or relaxation into your stay at home life, colors can help determine your mood. Find your rainbow, and get your color on today! Want more color? Listen to our team curated playlist that revolves sounds of color and that help inspire you to have a colorful day.


    Fun Times With Family!

    It’s been roughly a couple of months for some of us, weeks for most of us, but we’ve all been staying at home for quite some time. Some of us have been home with children; taking on extra duties such as teacher, principal, cafeteria worker, janitor, and much more. Trying to balance all the extra job titles as well as cramming in your normal responsibilities of a full time job and parent may be exhausting and frustrating, we feel you! That’s why we have a few tips and tricks that can help balance your family life!


    It’s important to take time to yourself but also to spend time with your household. Even though you may want to scream and tear your hair off from the additional care work you’ve taken on, we’re in a unique period where we’re able to develop and build relationships in ways we’ve never experienced before. Our team recommends taking at least time throughout the week dedicating your evening where your family as a collective spends time doing an activity.



    Puzzles are fantastic! Concentrated minds calls for some peace and quiet that will keep you occupied for hours. Once you’re finished, if you want to keep your little ones entertained with more activities, have them glue the puzzle to a piece of cardboard and  frame it to make some art around the house!



    “To Keep my 9 Year old playing and secretly learning we play Decimales. It is a dominoes based game where the objective is to score points in increments of 5 points. Up to four players can participate with a standard 28 piece set and every player gets seven tiles. Shuffle, play and repeat. ”



    No games.  Just tv for us these days.  Current views include Star Wars, Umbrella Academy, and Hala.



    Every evening we play a board game right after dinner. It helps destress and shift gears from work day to a relaxing evening before we end the day. Our current favorite is Ludo. My toddler takes our turns to throw the die in a bowl for announcing numbers for the next move.  


    Although you may find yourself going stir crazy between staying at home and taking care of your household, the bright side of staying at home means you’re able to spend quality time with your family. Look on a brighter side, this extra time gives you an opportunity to really develop and connect relationships with your family members. Cherish the extra time- it’s amazing watching your family flourish!

    Starting Out Your Garden (Indoor or Outdoor)

    If you’ve felt a bit disoriented with time since staying at home, don’t worry because plenty of us have felt like days, weeks, even the past couple of months have all meshed together. Now that it’s finally May though, you might have started to notice the bright thing in the sky that has finally peeked out to stay for awhile, the sun! Step outside and utilize the longer days- pick up your shovel and get to your garden! We have tips and tricks for your garden and how it can benefit you!


    Physical Workout- Although you are not running laps or lifting weights, gardening counts as a workout! You are using your whole body during gardening, positioning your body in ways that it may not normally contort, while also digging, pulling, etc. Having physical activity reduces the amount of cortisol produced, which is a stress hormone that if too high can cause you to over-stress.


    Starting Out Your Outdoor Garden- Starting off with seeds and some potted plants? Cover up the seeds with 2” of moist potting soil in a 8-10” tall pot, water it and then leave it undisturbed in an area with direct sunlight for about 2- 2.5 weeks. Make sure the soil remains moist. Not changing the location of the pot is a key element and helps the seeds to successfully sprout. Once the saplings are about 6” tall, I transfer them to a larger pot or on the ground with little soil left stuck to the roots to grow into plants.


    Indoor Gardening- Are you one of the many people that doesn’t have garden space but would like to have some plants around? Or maybe you live in the city and the only means of outdoors is through your window. Starting off with some window planters may be the best option for you.


    Don’t Have a Green Thumb- Have a problem with accidentally forgetting to water your plants? Start off small, start with succulents! Succulents naturally live in dry climates where droughts are often common. Therefore, every ounce of water that succulents receive is beneficial in which they can thrive from. This doesn’t necessarily let you off watering the little plant once every two months, but if you forget a couple of weeks, your succulent won’t face it’s final days.


    Whether you’re out in the sun, starting off your first garden (indoor our outdoor), or naturally born without a green thumb, gardening is doable and beneficial. Get your sun on and start today!

    Positive Vibes While Staying at Home- The Benefits to Music

    Whether it’s new tunes, old tunes, tunes that make you dance, or tunes that relax- turn up the volume and get listening to music! While we’re all staying at home, now is a great time to have music playing the majority of the day. Whether it’s to nod your head to or to keep your mind at ease, bring some pep into your life through music. Have some fun with music; we have some tips that you should consider when making your next music selection!
    One of the many benefits to music, besides helping you groove, is helping you de-stress. The basic mechanics to music such as tempo, can affect your mood. Songs that have a faster pace tempo tend to create excitement and a positive temperament while songs that are slower tend to help calm and relax.
    There are plenty of musical technicalities that can contribute to your mood, one of them being the key that a song is in. A song can be in a major key or minor key, or switch between both! To put in simple, major keys sound happy and light while minor keys sound mysterious and dark. An instant easy pick me up that you can utilize when you’re feeling down is playing an upbeat major song! To name a few…
    Music can lift your spirits and make you feel all the feels. Whether you’re wanting to zone out and relax or jam out and feel energized, music can affect your mood. Our team has created a playlist of all our favorite tunes that help us get through staying at home. Turn up the volume today and shake out the bad days away!