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    What's Happening Girlfriend?

    Because We

    Because We "Wheelie" Want You to Recycle! (5 Easy Steps to Practice Recycling)

    In honor of America Recycles Day (November 15th), why not start and adopt simple recycling techniques in your life? Recycling is the easiest way to directly reduce waste with everyday items that come across your life. Plus, it helps save the planet! 
    1.    Go the Extra Step with Packaging!- With the demands of e-commerce, we’re not shy of having mass amounts of packaging at our doorstep. So what do you do with it? Take action and break down each component of a package; cardboard box, invoices, and packaging material (hopefully the supplier uses paper instead of those finicky packing peanuts or plastic bubble!) and put it in the recycle. Remember to break down the boxes too!
    2.    Just Say No to Food Delivery Utensils- We all know how easy it is to fall into the habit of food delivery services after a long day of work! And we also know we somehow end up with a generous amount of utensils, napkins, chili flakes, ketchup packages, etc. than anyone needs. It’s simple, just say no thank you to the extras when you receive your food! If you’re eating at home, save a utensils life and use your own silverware. If you don’t use chili flakes, kindly say no thank you and have them saved for the next person who loves to drown their pizza in spicy goodness.
    3.    Skip the Coffee Cups- You get to work, after a crazy commute and what do you want? Coffee! Having a to go coffee cup handy at work saves you the trouble of throwing away a coffee cup every single time you drink coffee. Get coffee from your trendy café near work? Remember, your friendly barista is more than happy to use your personal coffee carrier to reduce waste!
    4.    Shopper Totes are Totes Your BFF- We are built into a society where consumption is only natural The Global Girlfriend Team lives in an area where paper> plastic in everyday retail stores, but we know too that isn’t the case for most places in the world. A sales bag goes a long way, but why waste and keep your handy reusable shopper tote with you at all times. Practice keeping them in your car, handbag, and your home’s entry way when you’re on the go-go.
    Plus check out these "totes" fantastic upcycled shoppers in our store!
    5.    Moving Out and Want to Marie Kondo Your Life’s Inventory?- Moving from place to place is always stressful, and towards the end we know how it feels to want to give up and throw all the bits and pieces away, but someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure! Plan out a couple of days ahead of moving of things that aren’t necessary and make a trip to Goodwill!
    There’s no good time than right now to start these simple tasks of reducing! No task is too small if it helps mother nature.